Artwork by Annaclette featuring Scratchboard & Clayboard with water media- Watercolors and Inks

A member of the Art Guild of the Kennebunks and of  the Maine Women in the Arts


May be seen by appointment in Alfred, Maine             email at:


                                                    Last update is January 2019-- these  works are some of those available,              Facebook  page       ANNACLETTE


To view Individual artwork images click on Titles:   Colors are from scanned artwork, but each monitor displays colors differently

     Click for My Bio                                                                   Prices range from low of $70 through $800- Sizes given are the image size before framing

                 The following art is available framed (although frames aren’t shown) These are also available as Blank 5x7” Greeting cards

                                    Wildflowers     Arise Hepatica(2.5x3.5)      Butterfly weed (5x7)           Bleeding Hearts (2.5x3.5)   Columbine Blue (5x7 Aquabord)          

Columbine Chaos (5x7)       Coral Bells Ringing (5x7)     Early Saxifrage (5x7)            Ferns in Tree (6x12)   

White Azaleas (2.5x3.5)      Juniper Blue   (6x12 )         Pink Azaleas (2.5x3.5)         Pink Glow (2.5x3.5)               

Wild Cherry  (5x7)               Native Columbine(5X7)       Yellow Camouflage(5x7)     Blueberry 2 (5X7)

Birds                Bluebird (2.5x3.5)               Sparrow Alert  (2.5x3.5)     Chickadee (2.5x3.5)            Snow Buntings (2.5x3.5)


Non Objective Connections I (8X10)           Blue Sky Stars (5x7)             Echoing Star (4x4 Sq)          Illusions Num 5 (12x24)              

Illusions 6                              Red Stars (4x4 Sq)               

Other               Bobcat (2.5x3.5)                   Siamese Cats (2.5x3.5)        Just 3 Dories (2.5x3.5)        Sentry Duty (5x7)

Winter Walk Massabesic(5x7)

These works are available for purchase unframed WintergreenBud Fruit(5x7)    BlueFlag(5x7)   My Red Azaleas(5X7)   Speedwell (4X4)

   Card Stock      Examples of Originals that have been sold; but the images are available as 5x7” Artwork Greeting Cards

                  Chickadees2 *       Ruby-throated Hummer *          Scarlet Tanager *      Huckleberry Red *

      Also offering custom cards bring in your 4x6 photo and have it mounted in quality greeting card stock for a personalized card.